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reducing black buck as deer numbers rise

During the ranch manager’s report plans to start darting the Black Buck to reduce their numbers were discussed according to the 2012 October Open Board Meeting Minutes. The ranch manager is working on getting a market for them at this time. Our Mouflon sheep are beginning to come to the pen and once the weather is cooler then the Ranch Manager feels that they will be hungrier and come to the enclosure easier. Once captured, there is a buyer for the total amount trapped.

While we are moving to protect our ranch environment, culling black buck and mouflon sheep, our white tailed deer population has grown beyond the point to begin active deer management. The Year End 2012 Census Report prepared by our Range and Wildlife Management Advisory Group (RWMAG) using best practices, as outlined by Texas Parks and Wildlife guidelines, shows that we are above the trigger point for managing the increase in the deer. Because of the lack of funds and the cost of trapping, the Board stated that nothing would be done at this time. Our 2006 Wildlife Management Plan, one of the few documents approved through a ranch wide vote, clearly recommends action to protect our ranch environment is a necessity.

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