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new fish barrier nears completion

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Fred Henneke, our Association’s attorney, confirms the Board can legally ignore requests from the membership. He added, “It’s not very neighborly,” nor the best way to run a neighborhood Association.

There will be no discussion with the majority of this Board they don’t condone. Unless we can prove 10% of the membership wants to have a conversation. Continue reading

pondweed and grass carp

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An adhoc Lakes Assistance Group received permission to install boat launches, a barrier across the lower lake’s dam and stock the lower lake with 100 grass carp. The estimated cost appears to be about $2,100 for carp and materials, the minutes reflect volunteers will install the barrier. Continue reading

agricultural exemption information

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Requirements for the open space agricultural tax valuation are set by the Texas tax code. With the 1-d-1 valuation that we have, it is most important that the primary use of the land is agriculture. The second requirement is that it must be used to an intensity that is acceptable for an area. Continue reading

new consolidated rules january 2013

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The Consolidated Rules derive from the power granted to the board in Section 12 (Specific Powers and Duties of the Board), paragraph (b) To establish, make and enforce compliance with such reasonable rules as may be necessary for the operation … Continue reading

4h and ffa projects welcomed to tierra linda

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  1. “Ranch employees and their children may use Ranch facilities.”
    This has been the practice in the past but was not stated in the rules.
  2. “Children of homeowners and Ranch employees who are members in good standing of a local 4H or FFA club may use facilities at the Red Barn and stables.”

Continue reading

lower lake to receive grass carp barrier

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A Lakes Assistance Group has offered suggestions to enhance the lakes.
1/ A permit has been submitted to TPWD for approval to purchase 100 10-inch triploid grass carp for pondweed control in the lower lake.
2/ Build a 2-foot grass carp barrier above the spillway on the lower lake dam; a requirement of the TPWD permit for stocking the carp. The barrier will not impact the integrity of the dam. Continue reading

rwmag offers benefit to board

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A motion was made requesting RWMAG develop a viable, cost effective deer management program, coordinate with our Ranch Manager during the development process, and present it to the Board for consideration. Continue reading