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  1. Mel Hixson

    Howdy Bruce, As you’ll probably notice when you read it, my last comment to your site was about the mountain lion issue. Somehow I got it in the wrong section I guess. I will eventually figure out how to work your site. This site is a very good idea by the way. Something that would be useful for me, being a computer dummy, would be a tab under each topic where we could read the previous posts on that subject before we write ours. That would avoid repeat posts and allow more accuracy in addressing issues. Or heck, maybe the tab is there and I just have not found it yet *L*. If it is, maybe you could let me know where it’s at?…..Mel

    • tierralindaModerator

      Mel… Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll think about adding a more visual cue or “tab” in the meantime I did recode the anchor so that when you click on link “Join the conversation…” you are moved to the top of the comments section, rather than the top of the leave a reply one. I appreciate your comments keep them coming.

  2. DeAnn

    Bruce – Just an idea…it would be nice if there was a section to view recent activity. That way you wouldn’t have to click on each topic to see what topics had recently been commented on. Don’t know if this is something easy to do, just a thought… I just noticed and checked the “Notify me of new posts by email” option so maybe that is a way to see what’s recent or new to the site. I don’t know if this covers all posts or just posts on this page. We’ll see…

    Thanks again for the great site and for providing a forum for dialog on ranch issues.

    • tierralindaModerator

      DeAnn… And a good idea! I think what you are asking for was already in the footer of each and every page, “recent comments” and “recent posts.” With limited real estate it is a challenge to find the right place to put everything so folks can find what they are looking for. I moved the recent comments into the sidebar so that they would be more prominent-

      The home page always places the most recent posts starting at the top and working right and down to display the them essentially top to bottom. So every time you visit you immediately see the most recent posts, right there.

      Notify me of follow-up comments… will send an email any time anyone adds a comment to that particular post’s comment thread. That way you can follow every comment on each particular post you are interested in.

      Notify me of new posts… will send an email any time a new post, but not a comment, is added any where on the site. For those reading who may not know, each “article” is called a “post”

      Thanks for your suggestions-

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