To create and foster constructive conversations for issues of interest within the Tierra Linda Ranch (TLR) community. It is the hope and desire that conversations here become an asset to the ranch as a whole while the site offers an opportunity for greater community involvement of the membership in a friendly, welcoming environment.

Criticizing the board, ranch manager or any member of the community is NOT the goal. We are all neighbors. No matter our role today, we will be neighbors tomorrow. Like raising children we have to focus on the issues and respecting each individual’s views.  While the ranch may not be a family, we certainly have proved to be a united community.  We can bring that unity to bear on so many more issues if we choose.  If we can participate in a civil dialogue looking with some depth into the issues we face, think of all we can accomplish.

We are looking for folks who would enjoy contributing content to foster more discussion. Do it now- I’d like to contribute!

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