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new fish barrier nears completion

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Fred Henneke, our Association’s attorney, confirms the Board can legally ignore requests from the membership. He added, “It’s not very neighborly,” nor the best way to run a neighborhood Association.

There will be no discussion with the majority of this Board they don’t condone. Unless we can prove 10% of the membership wants to have a conversation. Continue reading

new consolidated rules january 2013

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The Consolidated Rules derive from the power granted to the board in Section 12 (Specific Powers and Duties of the Board), paragraph (b) To establish, make and enforce compliance with such reasonable rules as may be necessary for the operation … Continue reading

4h and ffa projects welcomed to tierra linda

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  1. “Ranch employees and their children may use Ranch facilities.”
    This has been the practice in the past but was not stated in the rules.
  2. “Children of homeowners and Ranch employees who are members in good standing of a local 4H or FFA club may use facilities at the Red Barn and stables.”

Continue reading

two more helipads to be built

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2012 October Open Board Meeting Minutes report a necessity for additional helicopter landing pads accessible when low water crossings are not able to be navigated, during ice storms, and for faster response Continue reading

board approves adding four

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Broodmares will range in the pastures along side the cattle rather than join our remuda in the horse pastures. When the foals come in seeing the young horses enhancing Tierra Linda’s rustic beauty should be a moving sight. Continue reading