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pondweed and grass carp

TLRpondWeed © 2013 bruce john stracke. All rights reserved.

An adhoc Lakes Assistance Group received permission to install boat launches, a barrier across the lower lake’s dam and stock the lower lake with 100 grass carp. The estimated cost appears to be about $2,100 for carp and materials, the minutes reflect volunteers will install the barrier. Continue reading

lower lake to receive grass carp barrier

TLRgeeseOnLowerLake © 2013 tierralindaEditor. All rights reserved.

A Lakes Assistance Group has offered suggestions to enhance the lakes.
1/ A permit has been submitted to TPWD for approval to purchase 100 10-inch triploid grass carp for pondweed control in the lower lake.
2/ Build a 2-foot grass carp barrier above the spillway on the lower lake dam; a requirement of the TPWD permit for stocking the carp. The barrier will not impact the integrity of the dam. Continue reading